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38th Annual Bull Sale

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Rugby Livestock Auction
Rugby, North Dakota

Offering 150 Charolais, Salers and Salers Optimizer Bulls. Ultrasound, Leptin and PMCH Tenderness tested

The Value of Heterosis by Dr. Bob Weaber, Kansas State University

The Key Feature for this week is...

NEW Herdsire

OW Maximizer 3041 Polled – Calving ease deluxe!!


This low birthweight sire (54#) has a birthweight EPD in the top 1% of the breed  BW: - 8.3  WW: 30  YW: 51  Milk: 9  MCE: 3.5  Mtl: 24  SC: 1.1. 

He had excellent individual performance with a weaning ratio of 110 out of 123 calves and a yearling ratio of 108 with an actual yearling weight of 1345, SC 40 cm! 

He is full of meat with a 17.8 REA and a 1.42 REA/CWT.  He has the desirable genotypes TT for Leptin and CC for PMCH.  His first calves look great and sell in our March 10 sale.

Gerald & Loretta Effertz & Family
P.O. Box 640 Velva, ND 58790-0640
Roger (701) 728-6459 Kevin (701) 338-2980
Neil (701) 223-5202 Bryan Dean (701) 624-5104

Our success at the NWSS & Midland proves Effertz Key Ranch bulls offer powerful performance & eye appeal.    Most importantly, they will sire calves that will perform for you.

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