High Impact Genetics

Key Features

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BALLYHOO - the definition says it all!

  • TT for Leptin
  • Extremely easy keepin'
  • Quiet easy going disposition
  • Superb foot and leg structure
  • Moves out with a long fluid stride
  • Clean made with a tight sheath
  • Homozygous Polled
  • 42 cm scrotal
  • His dam is a heavy milking, attractive, long clean necked female with lots of rib and depth. A front pasture cow as some might say.
  • His first calves were born this spring

Charolais - Salers - Salers Optimizers

Here at Effertz Key Ranch we have been raising Charolais cattle since 1959, and breeding our Salers since 1983. We are always working on genetics that will make this business more profitable. We try to offer healthy, sound bulls that have been tested and measured to show the differences in their potential. Our Salers Optimizers will help you build an excellent, crossbred cowherd. Use our Charolais bulls on your crossbred cows as a terminal sire to boost heterosis. Broaden your genetic base and remain competitive with Effertz Key Ranch select Charolais and Salers/Optimizer bloodlines, designed for performance, profit, and the winning edge.

41st Annual Bull Sale

Thursday, March 14, 2019, 1:00 PM
Rugby Livestock, Rugby, ND