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About Effertz Key Ranch

Effertz Key Ranch is located in the north central plains of North Dakota near the town of Velva. The ranch consists of roughly 350 Charolais cows and 300 Salers and Optimizer cows. We market approximately 150 bulls annually holding our bull sale in March of each year.

Family effort has been the key to the successful ranch operation built by Gerald "Pat" and Loretta Effertz. Our involvement in the seedstock business dates back to 1959 when Gerald realized two well-planned objectives: they needed to build family interest in a gratifying long-term endeavor, and specialization in a seedstock business was a positive move economically. As a result, he turned to a purebred cow-calf operation and began breeding Charolais cattle. Later, in 1975, he purchased part interest in the first Salers bull, Jet, to be imported into the United States. Along with Pat, the family members directly involved in the operations of Effertz Key Ranch are sons, Roger, Kevin, Randy, and son-in-law Bryan Dean.

Today, not only are there challenges in raising quality cattle, but there are also challenges in maintaining suitable market advantages for producers. We are always working on genetics that will make this business more profitable. We continue to test for the Leptin and PMCH gene because of its positive effects on maternal values, weaning weight, feed efficiency, lower yield grade, marbling, tenderness, and general feedlot management.

Effertz Key Ranch is a ranch built from the ground up, with hard work and a strong family backbone. The pride that has gone into this program most definitely is passed on to the producers who choose to use Effertz Key Ranch cattle.