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Effertz Key Ranch Better Beef


Taste the difference in beef that has been designed and raised to provide you with a delectable eating experience without all that waste fat. Since 1959 the Effertz family has been carefully blending cattle types with one goal in mind: beef that will have the exceptional flavor and tenderness that marbling provides without the excessive fat and calories that normally go hand in hand with well-marbled beef. The folks at Effertz Key Ranch made a significant breakthrough in that goal recently when they discovered that a different type of cattle, when blended with generations of carefully designed Key Ranch cattle, just "clicked" fact, was the key that unlocked that all important increase in marbling and tenderness with no fatty downside. Plus, you have the added assurance that this beef received only NON-GMO corn, is hormone-free and has never been fed antibiotics. Taste the result in KEY RANCH BETTER BEEF.


This really is a Good Fat/Bad Fat story. Turns out that marbling, those small, white flecks of fat dispersed within the lean beef, isn't at all like the hard, thick "clumps" of mostly saturated fat that often cling to the outside of a well-marbled steak or roast. Not only is marbling responsible for making beef tasty and tender, but...lucky for us beef's actually good for us. It's high in something called "oleic acid" which is a healthy mono-unsaturated fatty acid that has been shown to decrease "bad" LDL cholesterol and possibly increase "good" HDL cholesterol. Oleic acid has also been linked to lowering blood pressure. There's good reason to put your trust in beef that has been raised for decades with the goal of mastering the GOOD FAT/BAD FAT challenge. Now, it's your turn to ...Taste the difference!